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An illustration: Of my article "Pandemic Anxiety 101"

Updated: May 4, 2020

Written by Imogen Wall. Kindly illustrated by Anna Geyer from New Possibilities

This wonderful graphic recording of my Facebook post Pandemic Anxiety 101 was created by Anna Geyer, from New Possibilities in March 2020. It represents the key points in my article as a visual story.

She explains how she created the illustration in her You Tube video below:

Please visit to find out more about her work; and contact her directly (via the contact form on her website) for permission to download the illustration for use on your own channels.

Keep in touch with her on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIN

Visit the resources page of this website to download a PDF of this illustration and for the article in German. Click here for the article translated into British Sign Language (BSL).

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