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Podcast: Mental health during lock down

Thank you to "Why the Long Face" for inviting me to take part in their podcast exploring mental health during lock down.

The "Why the Long Face" podcasts work to shine a light on mental health, introducing itself as:

"A psychiatrist and a management consultant walk into a bar. This should be the start of the lamest joke ever but, it turns out to be origins of Why The Long Face? - a new Podcast where we hope to shine a light on our wonderful but all-too-frail human spirit. There are many threats to our mental wellbeing – biological, psychological and social – and we, informed by the latest science, shared experience and the contributions of guests and listeners, are going to kick their arses and save humanity…maybe. In the first season, two old friends, Paul and Oliver, will be exploring some of the theories behind the causes of depression and will touch on topics that could help people who are suffering. This might well happen over the course of a drink or two."

In this Episode, I was invited to join, speaking as a mental heath expert and first responder with many experiences of major crisis situations all over the world. Over the 66 minutes, we talk about how to help people cope with the current lock down situation.

Click here to listen to the Podcast, I hope it is useful.

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