Imogen Wall

Stress Management and Psychological Health

Welcome to my page. I'm a disaster response expert and former journalist, now mental health professional and licensed instructor with Mental Health First Aid England.

I run courses for all sorts of people, from 90 minute self help modules to full MHFA qualifications. I teach both open courses available to individuals, and closed bespoke versions for organisations (often a cheaper and more effective option if there's a group of you), including options designed specifically for international workers. My superpower is combining my technical mental health knowledge with my experience as a frontline responder to design and deliver courses that speak with the authenticity of lived experience to aid workers, reporters and all who work on the frontline of crisis response.

Click here for information about open courses currently available for booking, or email me if you're interested in commissioning something bespoke at

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So, welcome to my website...

Hello, I'm Imogen Wall

I’m a mental health instructor, specialising in wellbeing, stress management – and yes, epidemics! And this is where I post my training courses, free resources and musings via my blog.

Crisis management has been my bread and butter for the last 15 years, working on the frontline from Haiti to the Philippines. I’ve been stuck because of hurricanes, home bound due to political crises and I once got stranded in a hotel suite in Haiti with a BBC Radio 4 team for four days with only one pair of knickers.  So I know a thing or two from the sharp end about isolation, working from home, constantly changing environments, and all the mental health consequences.

I’m also a former Samaritan, qualified therapist and Mental Health First Aid Instructor with MHFA England. I specialise in the particular challenges of aid/international sectors, and have designed and delivered training for (among others) DFID, the Foreign Office (now FCDO), the Disasters Emergency Committee, RedR and CrisisCast. I run courses for individuals but also take commissions for bespoke work from organisations.

In my work today, I’m passionate about providing my students with practical, applicable techniques to manage themselves and support those around them that are absolutely proven to work. The revelation to me in becoming a mental health professional is that all the things I’ve struggled with in my life (depression, anxiety, burnout) felt overwhelming and impossible at the time, but turned out to be treatable, and manageable. And that support from the people around me was EVERYTHING.

Here on my website you’ll find all sorts of things. Primarily my training courses and how to sign up to them, but also blog posts, resources and other things that speak to my vision of a world in which mental health has parity with physical health, when everyone knows how to offer compassion and kindness to those who are struggling.

Individual or organisation, you are also welcome to contact me with requests, thoughts, ideas.

It kills me that so few of us know how to handle a mental health crisis, or support a friend in need, just because as a society we don’t talk about these things, when there is SO MUCH you can do, that’s proven and rooted in science and research.

So join me! Sign up to a course – you might even up saving a life.

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